Leela Huts


Leela Huts boast of its spacious, pristine and furnished huts projecting a feeling of comfort and delight. Any listing of its charms would start with the spectacular decor. The huts are big and roomy with wall- to- wall carpeting. Personal CCTVs and refrigerators are also provided. The independent living room is a combination room that works as a sit-out and a dining room. The crackling fireplace is the perfect place to share cherished moments with your loved ones.

The huts signify an evening of out-and-out relaxation. Cook to your taste in your own little kitchen in the hut. And if you need some help with the cooking, a cook can be made available. Bathrooms are provided with ultra modern gadgets as a highlight and have running hot and cold water all 24 hours of the day.

On the whole Leela Huts are easy to settle in. Ideally lit these huts give you a brilliant panorama from the balconies.

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